Guest Speakers

We pray that God will bless you as you listen to the sermons from our guest speakers.

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14-06-2015   'Footprints of Hope' - John 15:1-17   Steve Kroeker, A Rocha


17-05-2015   'Friend? - Now What?' - John 15:9-17   Rev. David Larlee

03-05-2015   'Triangular Christian Living' - Psalm 24:4-11   Mark Tubbs

26-04-2015   'Alone with God' - Mark 1:35-39   Nic Toney

19-04-2015   'Nothing Disqualifies Us' - John 21:15-19' and '2015 Global Disciples Presentation’   Wendy Crowther

17-02-2015   'Mission Possible' - Luke 4:31–44   Bishop Silas Ng

17-02-2015   'Forgiving Others and Ourselves' - Shrove Tuesday   Elizabeth Price

07-12-2014   'The Deep, Deep Love of Jesus' - John 17:6-26   Jenny Klenner

07-12-2014   'A Prophetic Word Changes Everything' - Luke 2:25-38   Pastor Paul Wortman

30-11-2014   'Where Does Our Help Come From?' - Ps. 39:7   Wendy Crowther

23-11-2014   'We have an Advocate with the Father' Rom. 8:31-39   Pastor Ellis Andre

16-11-2014   'The Father's Love' - Rom. 8:28-39   Elizabeth Price

09-11-2014   'Remember' - 1 Cor. 11:23-34   Captain Walter Opmeer

02-11-2014   'Getting out of the Boat to Heal the Sick' - Matt. 14:22-36   Rev. Ed. Hird and Mark Hird

05-10-2014   'Facing an Impossible Situation' - Deut. 19:9-13; John 6:1-15   Archbishop Yong Ping Chung

17-08-2014   'Looking to the Cross' - 1 Cor. 1:18-25   Elizabeth Price

27-07-2014   'What are You Thirsty For?' - John 4.1-14   Nic. Toney