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All Saints Community Church

All the programs at All Saints are designed around the mission of our church: i.e., to worship and to witness. The Great Commandment (worship) and the Great Commission (witness) are the basis for all we do. Our strategies involve building ministries around individuals' strengths and gifts. To date we offer the following programs:

Spiritual Transformation

Our ministry programs encourage the process of transformation. We want to see our church family grow in spiritual maturity. Our desire is to see people begin to discover their gifts and talents, and then use them as they minister to others.

Discipleship Training at Winter Conference

30 Day Prayer Vigils

Prayer is the lifeblood of All Saints. During the year we conduct 30 day Prayer Vigils in our church building. These vigils run every night from 7pm till 9pm for 30 days straight. We postpone all other programs in order to pray. 

Leadership Development

All Saints is involved in our annual National Leadership Retreat and our National Summit. We meet and fellowship with people from across Canada who are also involved in theAM (the Anglican Mission in the Americas).


Pray Until Something Happens is our weekly prayer meeting. Every Thursday at 7pm we meet for prayer in Wendy Crowther’s home. We encourage everyone to come for prayer.

Gathering for prayer

Servant Evangelism

As opportunities arise members of All Saints Community Church participate in Servant Evangelism. By cleaning yards, helping people to move house, and generally providing service where needed, our aim is to “do” the Gospel by serving.

Helping Move House

NightShift Street Ministries

In 2008 All Saints Community Church partnered with NightShift Street Ministries to collect non-perishable food and gently used clothes for some of the less fortunate in our community. During the Easter season we will again provide opportunities for the community to help out.  Please click on the icon below for more information about NightShift Street Ministries.



For more information, please call us at 604-209-5570

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