Project Oikos


(oikos, Ancient Greek (noun): "a building consisting of one or more rooms and normally serving as a dwelling place")

A Trinity of Miracles

Last year when we began to fundraise for our new home, we had no idea of the magnitude of the miracle God was going to perform in Crescent Beach. During the middle of a global pandemic, while everything was pretty-well shut down, God provided a way for us to purchase the little Roman Catholic church building in Crescent Beach known as Holy Cross Church. On the 1st of April 2021 we took possession of the building. Holy Cross Church became All Saints Community Church!

The First Miracle

Here's how that happened. After writing to our friends and neighbours for help, we raised $500,000.00 in cash. Four couples offered us interest-free loans worth $600,000.00 and one very generous business man arranged for us to borrow the balance needed, $1,500,000.00 at a very low interest rate. We were able to purchase the building, pay all our fees, and have a reserve fund for interest payments for the next 24 months. Many people thought it impossible, but God is the god of the impossible.

All Saints Community Church interior

The Second Miracle

While we were still negotiating the purchase and financing of the building, a church in North Vancouver which was closing down, donated all their padded pews and a truck-load of church furnishings to us. They also paid for the delivery of the furniture! Subsequently, we hired a furniture restoration specialist to dismantle the pews, cut them down to ten feet-the same length as the original pews in our church (pictured above)-and then reassemble them. Now we have a church full of padded pews! Once our renovations are finished, every time we sit down, we'll be reminded of God's miraculous provision-even before we had actually purchased the church!

New donated pews cut to size

Now the renovation process begins. We plan to add an extra washroom to the narthex (entrance way) of the church and two washrooms to the rear of the church. We'll move the sacristy (clergy room) to the back room,  and upgrade all the electrical in the building. We have however, come across one unexpected issue. One of the central beams running down the length of the church has come off its footings. To that end we have to rip out the floor, pour new concrete footings down the center of the church, replace the central beam and re-floor the building. An extra expense of $200,000.00. We're still trusting God.

Here's how we need help:

  • We need to raise the $2,100,000.00 to pay off our loans and leave the church in the hands of the next generation debt free.
  • We need to raise the extra $900,000.00 to pay for the repairs to the floor and foundations and all the other renovations.
  • Pray for us; that our fundraising efforts will find people who are willing to invest in this Kingdom work.

If you can help us, we would be truly grateful. We need the help of our extended community to raise this sort of money. We'd be only too pleased to talk to you further should you consider contributing to our cause as we save this historic building.

The new home of All Saints Community Church

The Third Miracle

Since we purchased the building, and while we wait for renovations to begin, we've held our services outside. It is absolutely amazing how many people walk off the street to join us for church. Every week one or two people either come and sit down to join us, or watch from a "safe distance" and listen to the service. During the service, we've had bicycle riders cheer us on as they ride past the church, people on their Sunday morning walk welcome us to the community, and interested people stop and look as they go on their way. All of this leaving a positive impression on people regarding the Kingdom of God. What we are doing in Crescent Beach is essential for the Kingdom and I invite on that journey with us.

Jenny and Peter leading worship during our outdoor service.

Our journey to Crescent Beach can only be described as miraculous. Many people have supported us, prayed for us, visited with us, and told others of our story. That in itself is also a miracle. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Our goal is to be back in our building in time to celebrate Advent. Won't that be a blessing? Please consider joining us as we celebrate the goodness of our miracle-working God.

Some of our community at our monthly picnic

What You Can Do

We encourage you to partner with us in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make a difference. You can find the latest newspaper article by clicking here.

In order to donate to "Project Oikos" you can do one of the following:


Go to our CanadaHelps page and donate:

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Send a cheque to:

All Saints Community Church

P.O. Box 75068

R.P.O. White Rock
Surrey, B.C. V4A 0B1

(Please make cheques out to All Saints Community Church and specify "Project Oikos" on the memo line.)

Mail Donations from the USA

Send a cheque to:

New Covenant Anglican Church
Attention: Bishop Buffington
800 Tuskawilla Road
Winter Springs, FL 32708

(Please make cheques out to Anglican Mission International and specify "Project Oikos" on the memo line.)

INTERAC e-Transfer

Send an Interac e-Transfer to:

(Please provide your mailing address and postcode and designate your e-transfer to "Project Oikos".  See GIVING page for further details.)

Please note that all donations to All Saints Community Church are tax-deductible.

100% of your donation will go to the purchase and refurbishment of the building.