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Sometime this Christmas Season - 2014

(by Anne King)

Soon it will be Christmas with all that Christmas brings,

The Santa’s Sleigh, and reindeer, the cards, and gifts and things,

The decorations, lights, and fairies on the trees

With hot mince pies, turkey, and candy canes for me.


The festivities have all begun, its Christmas time once more,

The tree is all aglitter and there’s pine needles on the floor,

Daddy wrapping presents, and Mum is baking breads,

Sisters hanging mistletoe right above our heads.


This shopping, spending money to which there seems no end

Now what could we have forgotten, to buy, to wrap to send,

Ah!  Now I do remember, the one thing we forgot

Sometime this Christmas season we need to pause in thought.


Put aside the buying, and remember our Savior’s birth,

Relax and think of why He really came to earth

Its not about Old St Nick, or Fairies on the tree.

It’s about the birth of a baby, who was born for you and me.


In writing this for you today it helps me to remember,

Why I’m all a fluster for the whole month of December,

Panicking and worrying that I’ll be all ready for the day

However, when I relax and think of it, all I have to do is say….


Have a very happy Christmas and remember that baby boy,

Who came to earth so long ago, to bring us love and joy,

All we really need to do this Christmas season through,

Is return the love he brought to us, and I share it now with you.


Sometime this Christmas season, remember just for a while


 The reason for the lights, the gifts, and just relax and smille


Remembrance Service Prayer  November 10th 2013

(by Anne King)

Heavenly Father of all people, and ruler of all nations, who would have all people to dwell in peace and unity.  

Impress on people everywhere regardless of color, race or national origin, that they are the children of your creation and therefore should live together in peace and unity.   

This Remembrance Day service we thank you Lord for the prosperity of our country, Canada.  For we know you have held your protective hand over us.  

At this time our memories go back to those who have died to preserve our liberties, in peacetime or in times of war. 
We will remember them.

Grant comfort O Lord to those families who today remember, with sorrow the death of one who gave his or her life for their country.  Remind them that the loss they have suffered is like the things of earth likened to a shadow that does not continue.

Yet your love is ever constant and a comfort in times of sorrow.
We will remember them.

Sustain those who are in hospital, who bear the scars of war, so that we might enjoy our freedom.

Lord we ask that you strengthen those who are in service in the Armed Forces at the present time, and those in active duty who are serving their respective countries.
We will remember them.

In the words of the hymn, “Oh God our help in ages past, our hope in years to come,” we give you thanks for the life, liberty and pursuit of the happiness we enjoy by living in this glorious and free land of ours.
We stand on guard for thee. 

Grant the gift of peace to our land and to the world, the peace that can only be found in you Lord.  Through Jesus Christ our Redeemer and friend.   



Remembering the Soldier

by Anne King, 2012

To the war zone he went, as a soldier in green,
Only eighteen years old, this wasn’t a dream
But he was just a mere boy to his Mom and his Dad,
He felt such pride as he boarded the plane, but they waved and were sad,
This soldier was trained to defend his country he knew,
But this country was strange and everything was new.

He carried his weapon, and walked miles in the sun,
His clothes all wet, he knew not when his next meal would come,
He heard all the noise of those bombs with the sky all aglow,
But this soldier was nervous, and he didn’t let it show.
What was all this fighting for he wondered in shame,
These were just innocent people, he didn’t even know their name.

He spent many months in this pitiful land, this soldier was cold and
had one request
He wanted to go back to his home, where there was warmth and rest,
No young man should have to suffer for his country to be free,
But it is with pride that our soldiers travel land and sea,
Oh God help us remember those young men in green,
And make us so grateful and glad “It wasn’t me”

Sadly our soldier to a beautiful garden has gone the land of perfect rest,
His work was done, and the setting sun has sealed his life's long quest,
But he has left this earthly garden for a home beyond the sea,
Though he has gone, he still lives on in the garden of memory.

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