Copy of The Rev. Mark Tubbs ordained Priest


September 30th, 2018 marked an historical event in the life of Mark Tubbs, when he changed his title from Deacon to Priest. Mark enjoyed the ordination with great humility, grace and thanksgiving. He was ordained as priest for the Anglican Mission in Canada, residing at All Saints Community Church, by the presiding Anglican Archbishop of the Congo and Bishop of Kindu, the Rt. Rev.Zacharie Masimango Katanda. Enthusiastically supported by his family and friends, Mark could not feel more at home in his Church. A couple of moments stood out as particularly special: when the Archbishop laid hands on Mark to ordain him, and when his wife, Cheri, placed his new stole around his neck. Both moments symbolize truth Mark lives with his life: the role of priest is one of servanthood, done in loving Community. In Mark's own words: "Everything is the same, but everything is totally different." His All Saints Community Church congregation is overjoyed with his new role and the great love and passion he has for Christ. (Photo courtesy of The Rev. Donald Curran)