Our All Saints Team

Our Elders

Bishop Peter Klenner


         Patricia Hall                 Carolyne Halliday                Nic Toney                   Rev. Mark Tubbs

Altar Guild
Left to right: Alice Evans; Carolyne Halliday; Linda Bridgefoot

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Prayer Team
Left to right: Elizabeth Price; Jenny Klenner; Linda Bridgefoot; Chris Perry; Leslie Web; Marilyn Shore; Mike Inch; Treana Wand; Janice Inch; Wendy Crowther

Music Team
Left to right: Bishop-elect Peter Klenner; Jenny Klenner; Alex Toney; Mark Tubbs

JOY Team
Shai Kroeker and Vanessa Toney

Left to right: David Wiens; David Hall; Dave Fuller

Visuals Team
Left to right: David Wiens; David Hall; Todd Conkey; Keith Bridgefoot; Ralph Webb


           Nic Toney                    Alistair Hall                  Steve Kroeker
      All Saints Intern            Lay Administrator                      Sound 

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